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A unique experience for School aged children!
Immerse them in Australia's history and culture!
An excursion like no other anywhere in the world, right here in South East Queensland.
Invites you and your students to enjoy the Full Day - Interactive Learning Programs
offered at our exciting new bush location still 7 km from Beenleigh.


Role-plays, tent making, observation and mapping activities all combine to engross your students in the life of a simulated New South Wales gold field township of 1854. Set in thick bushland, the thriving, tented township is personalised each day for the participating children. Businesses are active, licences are bought, and gold is sought and exchanged. Your students won't just learn about this period in Australia's history - they'll live it!

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Sorry, Survival is currently not available.

Your students, as survivors of a plane crash, will work in teams and be actively involved in creating survival plans, constructing shelters, building rescue signals, using a compass and carrying out basic first aid procedures. Their knowledge, practical skills and teamwork abilities will be challenged by the environment and other groups.

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Sorry, Team Challenge is currently not available.

In groups that are selected randomly on arrival, your students will be challenged to find their own strengths, the strengths of their team mates, and the strengths of their team as a unit. Collaboration, instruction, cooperation, planning, communication, positive in-put, camaraderie and leadership will all be paramount as teams vie for success in each 'team challenge' activity.

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